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Gingers do have Souls

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Ali’s Story is an ABC documentary on the story of a Lebanese-Australian boy who went from burning the Australian Flag at the Cronulla Riots to atoning for his actions by walking the Kokoda Track. In 2005 Ali was offered a chance to Repent for his actions by being offered the chance to carry the Australian flag while walking the Kokoda Track. On the trip he encounters many other people who have faced evil in their lives. Ali’s uncle Hassain blamed his change from being a good, polite, hard- working young boy to the chaos of his high school years on three factors, smoking, girls and alcohol. A boy similar to Ali, Aaron faced many run-ins with police in his early teens but now works as a youth worker, helping people like him.

When the trip was at it’s most challenging point, the walk leader gave them some valuable information-“In life it’s no matter how many times you get knocked down, but if you get up again” and “Come as I, become into we. Go from only caring about themselves to caring about one another”.

The walkers were asked what they would leave on the track to make themselves a better person. I would try to be more understanding and concluding of people and not jump to opinions of other people.

When Ali told the other walkers about what he had done, he was met with upmost respect and understanding. This proves that Ali repented for his actions and the other walkers understood that.



Hello world!

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