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Filed under: Personal Moral Responsibilities — Serena at 11:21 pm on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Friday 19th October, the whole of Year 10 went to the Sydney Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst.

The whole day was an amazing experience for me personally as I learnt a lot more there about the Holocaust than I have ever learnt about the Holocaust anywhere else.

In the morning, we got a talk from a survivor of the terrible events of the Holocaust. I could barely keep listening to his traumatic experiences as I was just so shocked that human beings were capable of such disgraceful acts.

What shocked me the most about this experience was about the ways and reasons the Jews would be tortured and killed. Some Jews who were late coming back from the bathroom were shot in the head and then put in the mass graves. Others who ate too much food at meal times were killed as well for being “pigs”.

I found the speech from Eddie, uncomfortable to listen to after a while and I can’t believe people were able to do these things to other people. 6 million Jews were killed and tortured during the time period of the 1930’s.

All in all, the Jewish Museum was a fantastic experience to learn more about the Holocaust and the speech was very inspirational and reminded me of how lucky I really am.

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