‘Beastly’ – Film

The film ‘Beastly’ looks at a student who does not respect his classmates. He is cursed by another student’s spell which makes his physical appearance reflect the ugliness of his soul. To redeem himself he must find someone to love him for his good deeds. Explain the process of the redemption (healing) of the character Kyle Kingson in the film. The main character in the movie Kyle Kingson goes through a various amount of ways to deal with the process of redemption. As stated above, in order to gain his attractive looks back he must first find someone to love him for him and not for his physical appearance. The first step that Kyle tried to make the girl who he liked fall for him was to try and buy her love. In doing this, he went out and bought her many expensive gifts from well-known, big branded names but she wouldn’t accept any. After sitting and talking to his house-keeper, she told him to really think about her a what her interests are. He did and ended up with the best idea and she finally accepted it. After time passed, the girl finally falls in-love with Kyle and the spell is broken. The next time she sees Kyle she is surprised by who he is and happy that she got to know the real him.

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