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The film beastly is about a guy who only cared about how he looked and then when he got his looks taken away and was as ugly as he was on the inside on the outside he realises their is more to people and to life then just looks. His father abandoned him when he saw how ugly he was, this showed how much his father truly loved him. Locking his son up in a house so that nobody had to see him. He has to make somebody say I love you within a year otherwise he will stay cursed forever.

He has difficulties finding out how to connect with this girl due to her being a very humble person. He finds away to show her the good in him. She teaches him how to care and appreciate things and he teaches her to have fun and make friends. At the end of the film fear of not being able to be loved was holding him back from talking to her after she read a letter he had been writing to her that he was falling in love with her. She shows her true nature when she tells him that she loves him even though he looks hideous. Other people judge her but she doesn’t care and she sees within the physical ┬ábeauty.

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