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Day 3 summary

Day 3 – We woke up in the morning at the usual 6 am and after an English breakfast we headed off to the L͛Oreal Young Science workshop via the tube. Once we arrived we were required to solve the mystery of the death of a woman who had been poisoned. This required us to break down the DNA
samples mixture so that we could analyse the DNA by passing it through gel. Because of the negative charge in DNA we were able to separate it through the gel using an electric current. The small parts of DNA would travel through the gel quicker so that each sample would separate into a unique spread.
Eventually we could compare the DNA from all the suspects to the DNA in the found at the crime scene.
After the workshop was complete we boarded the bus and drove to the Tower of London. On the way there we experienced the architecture of the city of London including St Pauls Catherdral and many buildings that were erected after the great fire of London in 1666. After we were given free time to
purchase lunch, we began a guided tour of the Tower of London and the majestic Tower Bridge spanning the river Thames. We saw the Crown Jewels and learnt about the ways of life for the Kings and royalty of England many centuries ago. Dinner was at a small restaurant called Brasserie on the Boulevard, a salmon dish on some tasty mashed potatoes, the dessert consisted of a delicious Crème Brulee. Our group then split up into two smaller groups where when went to the West End Theatre to see either The
Lion King or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Lion King was amazing, the costumes were absolutely stunning and the acting was even better. Although it ended up being a very tiring day it was
definitely one of the best days.

Post by David Champ and Hugh Hannan

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  • Harry
    April 15, 2016 - 7:36 am | Permalink

    David and Hugh – great post – thanks. The DNA experiment sounds brilliant. Hope you are enjoying Paris. Best Harry / love Dad

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