Day 4 summary

Day 4 – Today we had our usual 6am start and had our typical English Breakfast before departing as a
whole group to Leicester. The drive was approximately 2 hours long through the lush English countryside. Throughout the duration of the trip, many of us frustrated the teachers with our conversations, singing of Rosebank tunes and incessant loud voices. An hour into our trip, we stopped at a service station to buy our lunch before continuing on our journey to the National Space Centre. We bought, with our lunches, British chocolates such as Munchies, and biscuits such as Jaffa͛s.

We arrived at the Space Centre where we were greeted by a man in a blue astronaut uniform who lead us
into the simulation room. In here we learnt about what really goes on in space missions. We were assigned jobs, each having a specific role to play in the mission. Some of these roles included, Com (Communications) who spoke to the other group and gave them vital information; and Rem (Remote)
who did tests on the samples found on the planet. We then had lunch and continued on to the next activity. In this activity we learned about the different kinds of space stations and had to decide on the different kinds of things we would need within, taking into consideration weight, price, energy required and need. These included things like solar panels that would be able to cover the energy needs of the spacecraft.

Finally, we went into the planetarium where we watched an amazing video in a round room that showed us through to the beginning of time and how we came to be. It explained to us that our matter came from stars and inspired us to look closer into this field.

We then departed the Space Centre and travelled to our dinner destination. It was called the Roebuck, a pub situated in a quiet English village.

Tonight we had a choice of four options, steak, chicken, beef pie, fish or lasagna. Many people chose the option of the pie. For dessert we had an array of delicious sweets including apple pie, chocolate pudding, cheesecake and a sundae. From the pub, we travelled back to our hotel while marvelling at the sunset over the green hills.

Post by Gabby and Chloe

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    What a fantastic summary thanks

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