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Day 6 summary

Day 6 – Today, we had an early rise. At 6:30 we had breakfast at the hotel’s buffet, abundant with various pastries, breads and even crepes. Then we headed to the Metro, and changed at the Republique station to get to Trocadero. The train stations were very busy; people coming from every direction.

From Trocadero we went directly to the Eiffel tower, and made our ascent. Surprisingly, the majority vote for the means of ascent was walking. It was quite the effort, and by the end our legs were rather tired; there must have been at least a thousand steps! (Well maybe not quite but you get my point.)

Millions of photos and souvenirs later, we headed to the Louvre, had a continental lunch and were guided around mainly the Roman and Italian art displays. A few notable exhibits were The Coronation of Napoleon, various Delacroix works and, of course, the Mona Lisa. One thing I won’t forget about the
Louvre is the eclairs some of us had in the food court- so rich and sweet!

After the Louvre, we visited the Latin Quarter and Notre Dame. I was thoroughly impressed by the
architecture in Notre Dame, especially the seemingly never-ending ceilings that were so beautifully carved and painted. The stained glass windows were absolutely breathtaking as well. The Latin Quarter was equally astounding, there were very talented caricature artist…

To be continued………

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  • Peter Sharon & Zac Giaprakas
    April 16, 2016 - 1:08 pm | Permalink

    Isn’t Paris just divine! ❤️??
    Wishing we were there too,
    Giaprakas Family

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