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Day 8 summary

Day 8 – On the morning of Sunday, the 17th filled with works of art with mediums ranging from fountains to trees to canvases to ceilings. After purchasing some lunch from the local farmer’s markets and local bakeries we entered this garden of this magnificent palace. This several acre garden was filled with living sculptures and mind boggling mazes.

During the one-hour self-guided tour we ate our lunch and explored the growing wonders. In the garden there was a dancing water fountain, perfectly in sync with the classical music. The first one hour of Versailles’ wonders came to an end and the next chapter was about to begin.

We were given the challenge to complete a range of tasks which guided our journey through the palace. At every angle there was another masterpiece. The king’s bed chamber, the main dining room, the room of mirrors. We walked –and skated on the smooth floors- through it all. The ceilings made everyone’s heads sing back in awe and the portraits of the ruling kings stared at us with a pompous attitude. As with everything, this journey had to come to an end.

From Versailles we embarked on a 6 hour ride to the border of France. Along the way watched Night in the Museum and Pirates of the Caribbean, we also bought some dinner at a roadway diner, talked, slept and took in the changing scenery. At about 10 o’clock we arrived at the Ibis hotel which will become our temporary home for the next 2 nights, but there will never be a place like our real home, Australia.

Post by Clare, Angie, Imogen


  • Allan Perry
    April 18, 2016 - 6:57 am | Permalink

    I love your story Clare, Angie and Imogen. I reads that you are all amazed and full of joy at items that you are getting to see. We look forward to reading the daily summaries and looking at the pictures of excited students and teachers. Regards the Perry family

  • Patricio Alvarado
    April 18, 2016 - 10:39 pm | Permalink

    Ask the teachers if it is at all possible to visit a panopticon. If you do I would love a picture of how it looks. Michel Foucault writes about the panopticon.

    Ask Chloe, Nat, Gabbi, Chris, Jordan or the Izzys about how great Foucault is.

    Also, tell Ms Tillott that the birds are fighting again.

    Take care. The trip so far looks amazing. I look forward to the gifts my English students bring back for me. Hehehehe

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