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Day 9 summary

Day 9 – First day in Switzerland started with a 6am wakeup call and a delicious breakfast consisting of croissants, baguettes and apple juice at the IBIS hotel. After breakfast we hit the road and headed to CERN to learn about fundamental quantum physics, we were humbled to be given such an informative
and intriguing tour by an Italian tour guide named Nicola.
Our visit at CERN started with an hour talk on the basis of CERN and its purpose in our society. Next we were driven to laboratories for a guided tour on the impact of the colliders and accelerators, we ventured through two worksites and were given informed knowledge. After our riveting experience at CERN, the group parted back on the bus and were given free time for half an hour to get lunch, the group mainly dined at McDonalds but there were a few exceptions.
After our lunch we drove to the UN where we were given another guided tour in the many conference
rooms where our tour guide spoke passionately on the role of the UN and its history, the Rosebank science study tour was very interested in this tour as this was evident by the many questions asked by our peers. Our day began to come to an end as dinner was just an hour away, we were allowed free time for an hour to buy gifts and souvenirs throughout the city of Geneva.
For dinner we went to Hotel Edelweiss that had a beautiful restaurant with live music and tasty fondue that we all loved and thoroughly enjoyed. After scoffing a 3 course meal down accompanied with the sweet sounds of the accordion, saxophones and an alpine horn, we hopped back on the bus and headed
to our hotel at approximately 9:30 pm where we got a good nights sleep for our new adventure tomorrow.

Post by Kurt, Ella, Sheri and Juliette

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