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Day 11 summary

Day 11 – This morning we woke up in Chur, and visited the old town. We were given free time at our leisure and spent it shopping, admiring sights, or eating. The town centre is beautiful, with a clocktower which, while very tall, is dwarfed by the all-encompassing mountains surrounding. Once we had done this we began our drive to Munich. Before long we were driving alongside Liechtenstein, one of the world’s smallest countries. It took us approximately 10 minutes to drive the length of the castle-filled nation. About 20 minutes later, we crossed the border into Austria. It was significantly less mountainous than Switzerland. We drove through a few small villages and before long, we drove through a tunnel. The other side of the tunnel was in Germany! Within an hour we had driven through three countries and past a fourth. If it wasn’t for the Schengen agreement (open borders) between the European nations,
this drive would’ve taken a lot longer.

After another hour and a half in Germany, we arrived in the beautiful traditional city of Munich. After being entertained by a hilarious street performer who was curious to hear about us Australians, we got prepared for our bike tour.

We arrived at Mikes Bike Tour’s and met up with our Aussie guide, Alec. It was great to hear a strong familiar accent. We got sorted out in our groups then we retrieved our bikes and got started on the tour.

As we went through the cobblestone streets we could admire the architecture and the culture here within Germany. Our first stop was the Opera House which amazingly has burnt down four times! We then proceeded to ride to a square with a huge church and many monuments; Alec told us a bit about
the history of where we stood and the significance of where we were. After that we went into the English garden which is a huge park in the middle of Munich that is similar to Central park in NYC. This
park is iconic to Germany and Munich because of the free public drinking and the law that says they can walk around the park butt naked, eww. When we were coming to the end of the bike tour we stopped at one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. Men, women and kids were surfing this infinite wave
that forms in the river.

After this we proceeded to ride back to Mikes Bike Tour’s and finished the tour.
We then walked with the teachers Hofbrauhaus House which is a historic, massive three story restaurant/Beer Hall, and at this place over 10,000L of beer is consumed in one day! During the time
that we spent there we ate a traditional sausage dish and watched and listened to traditional music and dancing. After this long amazing day we finally went to our hotel which is located on the outskirts of Munich and settled down
Waiting for the next day.

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