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Day 12 summary

This morning we woke up and had a lovely breakfast of pretzels, croissants, cereal, yoghurt and a range of other things. We then hopped on the bus and drove an hour to Dachau Concentration Camp. This camp was used in WW2 as a prison for political workers, people against Hitler and in the last few years,
Jewish people. After we split into two groups, our tour guide, Tobias, walked us through the site and explained the history of where we were. We went to different areas of the camp such as the arrival section, the bunkers, bathrooms, crematorium and gas chambers. The things we saw and heard were very confronting and upsetting as we attempted to process what life was like at Dachau. As we were looking around, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was silent and respectful towards the place they were in and the events that occurred.

After taking a tour of this historical site, it was around 12pm so we decided to take our lunch break at the cafeteria͛ café just outside of the camp grounds. The food was very good, with most people opting
for the Schnitzel option. After lunch we boarded the bus and drove directly to BMW World and the Plant. When we went in, everyone was very excited as we were surrounded by the latest and most
popular BMW models. We had a look around and then we were met by our tour guide. We were brought through the factory rooms of the plant and were shown how a car is produced from the
pressing, to the assembly and painting. It was extremely interesting to see how something that is such a huge part of our daily lives is actually produced. Each room in the plant was responsible for the
production of a singular part of the car, each with its own distinct odor. At the end of the tour we again boarded the bus to the old center of Munich where we had about an hour of free time before dinner. We used this time to buy souvenirs and have a look around the shops (that are now probably sold out of
steins!). We then had a huge dinner of schnitzel and steak which everyone enjoyed very much, before returning
to our rooms to pack for the return home tomorrow.

Post by Isabella C and Lara T

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