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Day 12 summary

This morning we woke up and had a lovely breakfast of pretzels, croissants, cereal, yoghurt and a range of other things. We then hopped on t [...]

Day 11 summary

Day 11 – This morning we woke up in Chur, and visited the old town. We were given free time at our leisure and spent it shopping, admi [...]

Day 10 summary

Day 10 – Today, was our last full day in Geneva before we get transferred to Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, where we will spend [...]

Day 9 summary

Day 9 – First day in Switzerland started with a 6am wakeup call and a delicious breakfast consisting of croissants, baguettes and apple ju [...]

Day 8 summary

Day 8 – On the morning of Sunday, the 17th filled with works of art with mediums ranging from fountains to trees to canvases to ceilings. [...]

Day 7 summary

Day 7 – SATURDAY 16th April (one week into the trip) After the much appreciated sleep in, we were woken up at 7.30 am to get ready for [...]

Day 6 summary

Day 6 – Today, we had an early rise. At 6:30 we had breakfast at the hotel’s buffet, abundant with various pastries, breads and even cre [...]

Day 3 summary

Day 3 – We woke up in the morning at the usual 6 am and after an English breakfast we headed off to the L͛Oreal Young Science workshop vi [...]

Day 2 summary

Day 2 – With a leisurely rise at 6am, we had breakfast at the “Quality Wembly Hotel” and then proceeded to split up into two groups. O [...]

Day 1 summary

1st Day After enjoying two consecutive plane flights to London with no sleep and two uneventful customs checks. The science tour group got o [...]
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