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The film “Beastly” portrays the persona (Kyle Kingson) and his transition from a self-centred individual, to a person caring for the people around him. Kyle is a spoiled, rich teenager, the son of a wealthy news anchor Rob Kingson who finds himself running for president at school. Kyle frequently bullies Kendra Hilferty, when she casts a spell on Kyle making him appear on the outside just as he looks on the inside. The spell states that Kyle has exactly one year to find someone that will love him to break the curse and allow him to appear just as he did before, or he will look like that forever. Revealing his state to his father, Kyle is taken to a house far away from New York, where his maid and tutor would care for him.

Kyle discovers his love for Lindy Taylor, a girl he hadn’t spoken to much at school. After witnessing Lindy not having a safe home environment, Kyle persuades Lindy’s father to allow her to stay with him. Completely engulfed with anger, Lindy refuses to speak with her father or Kyle about the arrangement he made for her to stay, away from her friends and school. Eventually Kyle begins to speak to her, revealing his appearance, where she says “I’ve seen worse”, and they begin to warm to each other.

Kyle begs for more time to allow Lindy to fall in love with him from Kendra, however she says no, but agrees to help Kyle’s tutor and maid once Lindy did. Kyle wrote a letter to Lindy, professing his love, and gave it to her as she was boarding a train to return to see her father. However Lindy just says that Kyle is a “good friend”. Heartbroken, Kyle doesn’t return her calls and Lindy returns back to her school.

Kyle returns to school to appologise to Lindy before she goes on her trip to Mucha Pichu. Just as she leaves, she says “I love you” which breaks the curse and returns Kyle to his normal appearance. Lindy runs out of the school, trying to find him, but not recognising his new appearance, tries to call him, where she finds it is the man standing before her that was her love.

This film highlights the key concepts of inner beauty vs outer beauty, morals vs desires and being compassionate vs self-centredness.

Explain the process of the redemption (healing) of the character Kyle Kingson in the film “Beastly”.

The Kyle Kingson at the beginning of the film was a very different Kyle Kingson at the end of the film. Kyle was popular, but not liked by anyone at his school. His girlfriend and friends did not like Kyle due to his arrogance and “mean” nature, making the feel they have to be mean also in order for him to like them.

When Kyle first revealed to his father the effects of Kendra’s spell, he began to change his perceptions and views on the way people perceive you. His father always said that people like you depending on how beautiful you look. After returning to his school for a Halloween party, he quickly realised that despite beauty, many of his peers despised him. With his father neglecting him at the home far away from New York, Kyle realised that beauty can cause vanity and blur one from what is truly important in their lives, such as ones own children.

When Kyle was moved into the home with his maid and tutor, Kyle wasn’t very kind to either of them. Quickly though, Kyle realised the sacrifices/hardships they both had to make in order to protect Kyle, such as blindness and leaving ones children. As Kyle approached Kendra to give him a little more time, Kendra agreed to granting Kyle’s request of giving Kyle’s tutor sight and Kyle’s maid the opportunity to be with her children. This marks a significant change in Kyle’s attitude towards people and reveals his sympathetic nature.

Kyle also never spoke to Lindy Taylor at school, as she wasn’t popular. After witnessing the suffering she was experiencing, he decided to protect her. Kyle however does not want her to leave the home, in fear that no one will ever love him and that he will stay in his state forever. When Lindy’s father is not well, Kyle encourages her to go to see her father. This shows a dramatic change in Kyle’s character; being a selfish person, to a caring/understanding individual. He realised that by allowing the people you love to go, it is sometimes the the best thing for them at the time.

Kyle is shown to change from a spoiled, mean individual, to a kind, loving  person by the conclusion of the film.

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