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\"Bus Monitor Bullied\" - (YouTube Clip)
In my current generation, more and more teenagers and young adults are going through different issues as they grow older. Some of the problems being faced include cyber-bullying, teen violence, physical/verbal bullying, teen suicide/self-harm and pre (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
Watching the video of this lady (Karen Huff Klein) being abused- because those boys were abusing her- was an extremely hard task to sit through. 14 minutes of watching those four 7th graders constantly verbally harass, threaten and poke at Karen m (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
Last week in class, we watched a YouTube video that I have surprisingly never come across before called \"making the bus monitor cry\". There was short 3 minute versions, there was a 10 minute version and a 14 minute version. We watched the full 14 m (More)
Blog: Bus Terror
The students that are terrorizing the people on the bus probably have no self-esteem, their actions and words are most likely a reflection of a great impact that has twisted them that way. However, this is no excuse for them to mistreat others in any (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
The YouTube clip dubbed \"Bus Monitor Bullied\" is a video recording of two American school students, bullying and verbally abusing another person on their bus, by the name of Karen Klein. Throughout the clip, they can be seen insulting and making fu (More)
Beastly (Movie)
In religion over 2 periods, our class watched a movie called 'Beastly'. 'Beastly' is a remake of the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' in a modern way. The protagonist, Kyle Kingston played by Alex Pettyfer is an arrogant and wealthy high school studen (More)
Bus Moniter Being Bullied
I have just watched a horrific video that i was absolutely disgusted with and shocked with the fact a group of teenage boys would ever do something so low to an innocent old lady. The video is about a buch of teenagers bullying and assaulting a bus m (More)
Bus Monitor Bullying video
Today in religion we had a discussion about morals and values and part of it involved watching the Bus Monitor Bulying Video. Though I have never watched the video, I was familiar with the nature of the video. Basically the video shows an old woman s (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
In this video "Bus Moniter Bulied" An elderly woman that has been working for a school and she is being bullied by the students that are on the bus. The woman who was bullied in the video knew the kids who were bullying her because she had been worki (More)
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