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Rock Climbing Excursion
I conquered my fear of heights. I achieved my goal of climbing to the top of the rock wall. Although the height of the wall was condescending to me. This was a challenge as it was difficult to reach up to some of the rocks and to manage to pull my (More)
Rocky Road
Rock climbing can be a interesting experience. Today was a classic example of a bunch of excited kids taking on the challenge to climb up the steep wall of colourful blocks, clinging to life as they put their trust in their partner down below in hope (More)
Moral Responsibility
To seek personal moral responsibilities, two quotations that help me understand this are “Listen with the ear of your heart.” From Prologue, Rule of Benedict and the second one is “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” From Matthew 7:12. “L (More)
Rock Climbing
On the second day of Transition Week, the other half of Year 10 were fortunate enough to participate in the strenuous activity of Rock Climbing! I have not rock climbed before this so I was quite nervous but also up for the challenge. It was also (More)
Hello world!
The Sydney Jewish Museum
My experience of the Sydney Jewish Museum left me to be overwhelmed by the stories and information shared and told throughout the expedition. We were exposed to the heart-wrenching and horror accounts of the experiences of the Jewish people of the ti (More)
Rock Climbing Experience
Let me start off my saying that this post is as clichéd  as a post can get ... anyways... One of my greatest fears is of heights and when I found out that my school was taking us to a Rock Climbing Center I literally almost cried. Arriving with the i (More)
Vaughan, Delaney, O\'Conner and Caulfield all went rock climbing while the rest of the grade went to the Sydney Jewish Museum which we are going to (More)
Get over it
Rock climbing. Something someone came up with to torture those who have a fear of heights. I seriously believe that is the only reason that rock climbing became a recreational activity that is deemed enjoyable. Unless you cannot tell i am one of t (More)
Rock Climbing
On the 14th of October 2014 homerooms Vaughan, Delaney, O\' Connor and Caulfield to the Sydney Rock Climbing Center. This was the second time I have gone rock climbing. There was many different climbing activities that could be completed. Some were m (More)
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