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Beastly - Redemption
Explain the process of the redemption (healing) of the character Kyle Kingson in the film \'Beastly\'. Beastly is a film that explores the attitudes towards sin and the effects of being self-absorbed. The film looks at a student, Kyle Kingson, who d (More)
Loyalty to authority and moral responsibility
The issue in balancing Authority with personal Moral Responsibility is that sometimes it’s really hard as your loyalty at times is tested but when proving that loyalty sometimes personal moral responsibility is into play. For example let’s say that y (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
It was a horrific video that shocked my beyond belief that kids, same age as us, would condone and do such a horrible act. I feel ashamed that they would call older person cruel names and bully her to the extent of crying. It is an unacceptable act t (More)
Rock Climbing
On the 14th of October half the year attended the Rock Climbing excursion which was a very different experience to be a part of as I would never do it as a daily activity. Along the way of the excursion we all saw many peers helping one another and s (More)
Values & Morals: Bus monitor bullied
After viewing the clip of the \"bus monitor bullied\" i feel ashamed that students maybe my age or younger are bullying and abusing an old lady on a bus as she has just been sitting there. Watching it and seeing how she was being treated was very una (More)
The YouTube clip that was uploaded two years ago \"Bus Monitor Bullied\" sparked a profoundly controversial debate that boiled down to really what was acceptable and what was not. A bus monitor was horrifically bullied and threatened by a small group (More)
Felix Baumgartner
Serendipity! Gotta love it. What a fantastic mentoring story offered here. The encouragement, support, and most importantly belief and trust in each other (More)
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