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Science - PLB
It is near the end of the project and we have been working really well as a group! Even though sometimes we did not work productively. We have prepared a series of worlsheets and an experiment for the year sevens we will be working with next week. I  (More)
Science Progress & Importance of Enjoyment
I am in a good mood with the science project. Yesterday, in period six, I wrote two pages of notes. Incredibly proud! I'm not sure what happened, I just sat down and got to it. I think it's because I'm investigating something that I am interested in (More)
The Illustrated Man
In English this term as a part of our assessment we are focusing on the short stories of Ray Bradbury and in particular the series of short stories known as The Illustrated Man. In class yesterday we tried to further our understanding of Bradbury’s p (More)
The Illustrated Man
In English this term we are focusing on Ray Bradbury's Illustrated man. Yesterday we specifically focused on The Veld. This is about a virtual universe where children can go to re-create their ideal universe. In this time their parent are worried tha (More)
Teaching Primary Science
In Science this term we are working on a project. Mine is teaching primary science. In this project we are to create a lesson plan teach a year of our choice. We have to choose an experiment, get the resorces, make sure that we know exactly what we a (More)
PDHPE - Lesson 1
Since the last PE lesson, I have improved a little on writing with my left hand. I have tried to write my name, a phrase and the alphabet. Here is a photo: More)
PDHPE - New Skill
In Pe this term, each student in year 10 has to learn a new skill. My skill is writing with my left hand turns. I want to learn this skill becuase i have always wanted to learn this. I will write phrases with my right hand and try to copy with the le (More)
The Parable of the Good Samaritain
In Religion this week we watched the movie Beastly, and kids bullying a woman on a bus in America. The movie is about a boy who thinks that looks are everything and you don't get anywhere if you're not good looking. A witch goes to his school and cur (More)
After transition week, I have learned alot. I have taken in many pointers on how to study and the consequences and benefits of becoming a young adult. It was a fun week filled with many activities that kept us intrigued for the week. I recommend that (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum excursion
On Friday 19th October, Year 10 went on an excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum to learn about the Holocaust which occurred during and after World War II. It was a moving and emotional learning experience that is unforgettable and a once in a lifeti (More)
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