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I shook hands with history.
On Friday, the 19th of October, our school took a trip down to the Sydney Jewish Museum as part of our transition week stuff. On the bus ride there, Caley and I watched the classic Shawshank Redemption. Bloody brilliant, but we'll save that for a dif (More)
Excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum
The Sydney Jewish Museum is an institution located in Darlinghurst. When we arrived at the museum we listened to a Holocaust survivor, Eddie Jaku. His tale was epic and I found myself hoping to hear more. Unfortunately he told only a tiny potion of h (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum excursion
On Friday 19th October, Year 10 went on an excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum to learn about the Holocaust which occurred during and after World War II. It was a moving and emotional learning experience that is unforgettable and a once in a lifeti (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
On 19th of October 2012, I went to Sydeny Jewish Museum with my year group. When we arrived at the museum, we had our lunch and head inside the museum. My year group was seperated into about four small groups. My group and another group watched a vid (More)
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