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Go Back to Where You Came From - Final Blog
•Describe how your own attitude towards refugees and asylum seekers changed as a result of watching the program. My attitude towards this issue didn\'t change a lot after watching the program. Before the program, I was already an advocate for allowi (More)
Visit to Jewish Museum
During transition week, we had the opportunity to visit the Jewish Museum in Sydney CBD. Overall it was a very moving and informative experience, one that I will never forget. As we walked in and began our tour, I took in all sights to see and listen (More)
An eye opening experience is what you can call a visit to The Sydney Jewish Museum. On Monday Dr O\'Shea gave us a small introduction to the H (More)
Jewish Museum Experience
On October 14, half of our year 10 cohort went and visited the Sydney Jewish Museum in the City. We were taken around by \'tour guides\' and the group I was in was fortunate enough to have a real life holocaust survivor Mary who shared her amazing bu (More)
Rock climbing
Before today, I had never even touched a rock climbing wall let alone physically climbed one. Due to my fear of heights and my worrisome nature I found it difficult to bring myself to climb the big walls, the ones that required a harness. In the end, (More)
Rock Climbing Experience
Let me start off my saying that this post is as clichéd  as a post can get ... anyways... One of my greatest fears is of heights and when I found out that my school was taking us to a Rock Climbing Center I literally almost cried. Arriving with the i (More)
Rock Climbing Experience
Visiting the Sydney Rock Climbing Gym was an interesting experience. It was definitely a challenging experience. Although there were many easy hurdles to overcome, several of the walls, were very difficult to climb. Despite all this, I can safely say (More)
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