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Flower Arranging Complete!
I finished my flower arranging this afternoon! The video is incredibly unflattering, but what can you do... I also ran out of space on my memory card half-way through, so I had to just take photos of the final product. I have just realised that t (More)
Flower Arranging - it's almost time!
Yesterday was pay day, which means I can finally buy some flowers and get this done! I'm thinking about doing two arrangements: one with fresh flowers from the supermarket (flowers are expensive, don't judge!) and another using artificial flowers. I' (More)
Flower Arranging Books
So, here are the three books borrowed. Incredibly repetitive, but pretty. (More)
Flower Arranging (with a link!)
Link: http://www.bhg.com/decorating/home-accessories/flower-arranging/classic-flower-arrangements/ Of course Better Homes and Gardens has an (More)
Trying to pick a new skill to learn is really challenging. I don't really see myself as someone who possesses a multitude of skills that come naturally, so having the opportunity to learn a new one is definitely something, but also a little unnerving (More)
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