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Rock Climbing
On October 15, our half of the year 10 cohort went to the the Villawood Rock climbing gymnasium to practice our team work and climbing skills. We arrived late as the driver took or seemed to miss the exit and went around the whole world before gettin (More)
Rock Climbing
On the second day of Transition Week, the other half of Year 10 were fortunate enough to participate in the strenuous activity of Rock Climbing! I have not rock climbed before this so I was quite nervous but also up for the challenge. It was also (More)
Vaughan, Delaney, O\'Conner and Caulfield all went rock climbing while the rest of the grade went to the Sydney Jewish Museum which we are going to (More)
Market Day 2012
On the 23rd, Stage 5 Commerce held their Market Day. My group, El Mexicano, was surprisingly popular! I think I underrated how much stress was going to be involved in the prepping and the flow of the day in general. Don't get me wrong, it was an ama (More)
Skill Development (Lesson 1)
The new skill that I will develop is Consecutive Shots in Basketball. People who use this skill are people who are good at Basketball or people who are interested in the sport. I can find information on this sport by looking it up on google or (More)
Me and my buddy Dale have been trying to make ourselves a hovercraft for our PBL (Project Base Learning). We are currently researching hovercraft tutorial videos and we are also trying to find the right material for our Hovercraft. Our hovercraft mus (More)
All good (almost) on the day
The conference turned out to be pretty good - inspiring presentation by Andrew Douch (although I'm sure he re-presents it all the time), great fun learning how to play minecraft (it seems I'm very challenged with working out where and how to look) an (More)
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