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Rock Climbing Excursion
I conquered my fear of heights. I achieved my goal of climbing to the top of the rock wall. Although the height of the wall was condescending to me. This was a challenge as it was difficult to reach up to some of the rocks and to manage to pull my (More)
2014 Goals
1. Make an equal effort in all subjects and not have favourites 2. See miss McAloon for information about music/PE careers and ATAR requirements 3.Set up a study/revision timetable. 4. Commence work on Assessment tasks as soon as i receive n (More)
Hopes and Dreams
I\'ve never been quite sure what I wanted to do with my life after I leave school. There are so many things that one person can possibly do in their lifetime that it’s hard to make a decision. For me personally I usually change what I want to do with (More)
My long term goal for the end of year 12 is to achieve and Atar of 95 to get into the marketing and media course at Macquarie University. A possible obstacle for achieving this goal is having distractions inside and out of class such as talking to fr (More)
Best motivational video ever 2013 - GET RESULTS
Making your Dream a Reality
When writing goals it is important to write them in the present. You want to be specific and write them with emotion so that you can visualise actually being in that position. Give it a date that it has to be achieved by so that you are accountable (More)
How to set goals
For help setting your goal follow the SMART principle:  Specific, is it clear and identifiable  Measurable, can results be determined?  Attainable, is it possible?  Realistic, is it probable?  Time, will it be within the twelve we (More)
How bad do you want it?
What hard will you work to achieve your goals?       (More)
My mentoring lessons have been very useful to me in this term. Goals:  I want to get a B+ or over in my exams. I also want to make some profit and get organised for market day. I also want to finish my assignments in time and not leave it (More)
Goals to Achieve
Five goals to achieve through out the years 11 and 12:   1.  Improving my English skill 2. Coming FIRST in Maths class 🙂 !! 3. Getting over 75% for every single subjects for year 11 and 80% for year 12 4. ENJOYING years 11 and 12 (More)
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