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The Sydney Jewish Museum
As apart of the Year 10 Transition Week, we have been involved in specific activities some of which is very confronting and makes you question your own life and appreciate how well we have it. As apart of the topic we are going to be studying in reli (More)
Making Moral Decisions in contemporary society
A moral dilemma and issue that I have chosen is the issue of abortion. The moral dilemma of abortion is that every woman has the right to her own body versus the rights to an unborn human being which is getting formed inside another human. Abortion m (More)
Mirror Image
2014 is one year of the many that have seen the occurrences of the technological revolution in our society. In a very short time of approx. 10 years we have gone from listening to radios and watching videos on VCR\'s to having I phones, laptops, Wi-F (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
As apart of Transition Week, today Year 10 experienced a confronting trip the Jewish Museum. When we arrived, we were all split up into our homeroom groups and were assigned a guide that gave each homeroom a tour around the historic Museum. During (More)
The Sydney Jewish Museum
I attended the Jewish museum excursion on the 15th of October. It was an amazing involvement to be apart in however it was provoking and shocking to hear and see how everything played out to all the families that were all heartbroken because so many (More)
the thug life.
Heeeey, my name is Nadia. This is my blog, my pages, my school life. It's term 4, new uniforms, outlooks and goals. Trying to enjoy your school life like how you could in years 7 & 8 is tough, but with the help of friends, family and teachers, I (More)
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