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Sydney Jewish Museum - Loyalty to Authority
In modern day society we are faced with the issues of the controversial differences between moral responsibility and loyalty to authority. Moral responsibility is the power to be able to make a decision for one\'s self and not act upon the influence (More)
The issue of balancing loyalty to authority with personal moral responsibility
The Nazi\'s had a choice of whether or not they wanted to kill the Jewish people. Their choice of being loyal to their authority figure, Adolf Hitler, led to the demise of lives.  However, the German people\'s loyalty got in the way of their personal (More)
Visit to Jewish Museum
During transition week, we had the opportunity to visit the Jewish Museum in Sydney CBD. Overall it was a very moving and informative experience, one that I will never forget. As we walked in and began our tour, I took in all sights to see and listen (More)
Why so mean Hitler?
This is pretty delayed but being sick seems to always take over my life... Anyways! Last Tuesday (14/10/2014) I, along with 3 other homerooms, went to the Sydney Jewish Museum. Some of the things I saw were quite amazing. The texts and stories tha (More)
The Issue Balancing Loyalty to Authority with Personal Moral Responsibility
The issue with balancing loyalty to authority with personal moral responsibility is when a person tells you to do something that you don\'t feel comfortable to do. You have two choices to do what the person of higher authority tells you to even thoug (More)
Why the Jews?
During the Year 10 Transition Week, the first stop of campus was the Sydney Jewish Museum. It was a very eye opening experience, considering we met a survivor of the holocaust. The gentleman who spoke to us was only about 8 when the holocaust started (More)
Discuss the issue of balancing loyalty to authority with personal responsibility
The issue of balancing loyalty to authority with personal Moral Responsibility  is a balance between loyalty and what\'s the right thing to do  or having to make a choice by someone who is in a higher position of power. where this is evident is be (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
On Friday i witnessed the Sydney Jewish Museum with the rest of my year. It was great day filled with many fantastic experiences. It was also very horrific and sad to see what the Jewish people went through, I never realised the traumor and hearta (More)
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