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The Sydney Jewish Museum
As apart of the Year 10 Transition Week, we have been involved in specific activities some of which is very confronting and makes you question your own life and appreciate how well we have it. As apart of the topic we are going to be studying in reli (More)
Issue of balancing loyalty to authority with Personal Moral Responsibility.
The definition of authority is the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience and the definition of loyalty is the quality of being loyal. They are both two different things and are hard to compare with each other because it (More)
The issue of balancing loyalty to authority with personal moral responsibility
The Nazi\'s had a choice of whether or not they wanted to kill the Jewish people. Their choice of being loyal to their authority figure, Adolf Hitler, led to the demise of lives.  However, the German people\'s loyalty got in the way of their personal (More)
Visit to Jewish Museum
During transition week, we had the opportunity to visit the Jewish Museum in Sydney CBD. Overall it was a very moving and informative experience, one that I will never forget. As we walked in and began our tour, I took in all sights to see and listen (More)
Jewish Museum Experience
On October 14, half of our year 10 cohort went and visited the Sydney Jewish Museum in the City. We were taken around by \'tour guides\' and the group I was in was fortunate enough to have a real life holocaust survivor Mary who shared her amazing bu (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
As apart of Transition Week, today Year 10 experienced a confronting trip the Jewish Museum. When we arrived, we were all split up into our homeroom groups and were assigned a guide that gave each homeroom a tour around the historic Museum. During (More)
Why so mean Hitler?
This is pretty delayed but being sick seems to always take over my life... Anyways! Last Tuesday (14/10/2014) I, along with 3 other homerooms, went to the Sydney Jewish Museum. Some of the things I saw were quite amazing. The texts and stories tha (More)
The Sydney Jewish Museum
Today (14/10/2014) we went to the Sydney Jewish Museum to extend our knowledge of how the Jewish people lived back in the war period. Once we got there we split up into homeroom groups and a tour guide took us around and showed us famous pictures and (More)
The Sydney Jewish Museum
My experience of the Sydney Jewish Museum left me to be overwhelmed by the stories and information shared and told throughout the expedition. We were exposed to the heart-wrenching and horror accounts of the experiences of the Jewish people of the ti (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
Today is 15th of October, I went to Sydney Jewish Museum with Vaughn, Caulfield, Delaney and O\'Conner students by buses. It was in Kings Cross. I have been there before by excursion, when I was in a language school. There are a lot of photos in the (More)
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