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The process that people follow in making moral decisions could be ACT, INTENTION, END RESULT. Abortion is a moral dilemma that plagues many women and (More)
\"Bus Monitor Bullied\" - (YouTube Clip)
In my current generation, more and more teenagers and young adults are going through different issues as they grow older. Some of the problems being faced include cyber-bullying, teen violence, physical/verbal bullying, teen suicide/self-harm and pre (More)
Making Moral Decisions in Contemporary Society
Moral dilemma is when one is in a conflicting situation where they have to choose between two or more actions and have moral reasons for choosing their action. However, either choice could be considered the ‘wrong’ thing to do.  However, the proc (More)
The issue of balancing loyalty to authority with personal moral responsibility
The Nazi\'s had a choice of whether or not they wanted to kill the Jewish people. Their choice of being loyal to their authority figure, Adolf Hitler, led to the demise of lives.  However, the German people\'s loyalty got in the way of their personal (More)
Bus Monitor Bullied
Last week in class, we watched a YouTube video that I have surprisingly never come across before called \"making the bus monitor cry\". There was short 3 minute versions, there was a 10 minute version and a 14 minute version. We watched the full 14 m (More)
The Parable of the Good Samaritan
The Parable of the Good Samaritan is one of Jesus\' most important teachings and has a very significant moral imperative. The Good Samaritan teaches us many key Christian values that we should live by everyday and teaches others about. The story of t (More)
In class last week, we had the opportunity to watch the film \'Beastly\' a story about a popular and good looking guy named Kyle who is really mean to all people around him who are not as good looking & he thinks he is the most superior. He is es (More)
Bus Monitored Bullied
In the incident in the video \'Bus Monitored Bullied\' it includes young teens that were abusing an elderly woman by calling her far and commenting about how she was sweating and stank. The by-standers role was used in the way of taking no responsibi (More)
Sin Wordle
Values and Morals - Bus Monitor Bullied
Some kids are real jerks... and the kids that bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein are just pathetic. I think that the fact an elderly lady like Karen Klein even bothered volunteering for something like bus monitor is a very courageous thing. These studen (More)
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