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\'10 Things I hate about you\' ITEEL
During the 90\'s grunge, rock and rebellion were popular things in the teen generation. In the movie \'10 things I hate about you\' Gil Junger features the theme rebellion and most if not all characters in this movie faces rebellion at one time durin (More)
Beastly (Movie)
In religion over 2 periods, our class watched a movie called 'Beastly'. 'Beastly' is a remake of the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' in a modern way. The protagonist, Kyle Kingston played by Alex Pettyfer is an arrogant and wealthy high school studen (More)
The film "Beastly" explored the concepts of sin and vanity. Kyle Kingson was self-obsessed and never thought about other people's interests or wellbeing. The curse allowed Kyle to slowly realise, though by force, to see differently and direct his sel (More)
Beastly: The process of redemption of Kyle Kingson
To be vain, to lie/ deception Redemption-stops being a narcissist and starts caring about others slightly Learnling to deal with his looks also starts to listern. He is learning to think about himself not others thinkning of him lied, lusted (More)
Beastly Review (Spoilers!)
The movie Beastly is a modern day take on beauty and the beast because the movie in a nutshell is a movie about a guy who has been cursed because he was being an asshole to creepy looking lady. The creepy looking lady puts a curse on the guy and make (More)
The Parable of the Good Samaritain
In Religion this week we watched the movie Beastly, and kids bullying a woman on a bus in America. The movie is about a boy who thinks that looks are everything and you don't get anywhere if you're not good looking. A witch goes to his school and cur (More)
After transition week, I have learned alot. I have taken in many pointers on how to study and the consequences and benefits of becoming a young adult. It was a fun week filled with many activities that kept us intrigued for the week. I recommend that (More)
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