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\'Beastly\' - Film
The film \'Beastly\' looks at a student who does not respect his classmates. He is cursed by another student\'s spell which makes his physical appearance reflect the ugliness of his soul. To redeem himself he must find someone to love him for his goo (More)
Beastly - The Process of Redemption
Beastly is a romantic/drama/comedy film about a young boy who possess the gift of becoming ugly from a witch who he managed to profoundly agitate. Kyle, is a shallow, spoilt, high school  student whose world revolves around popularity and the importa (More)
  Explain the process of the redemption (healing) of the character Kyle Kingson in the film (More)
\'Beastly\' Process To Redeem
Unfortunately during the viewing of the movie Beastly i was unable to watch it as i was away from school. Through research i found that the moral/ outline of the movies involves a student named Kyle Kingson who is portrayed as a selfish and up himsel (More)
\'Beastly\' The movie
Being the popular kid , thinking only about yourself and putting others down calling them names that make them feel like a freak isnt the person you want to be. Kyle Kingston a boy running for school president at his school having slogans that make p (More)
\'Beastly\' Process To Redemption
The film ‘Beastly’ involves a student named Kyle Kingson who treats others with disrespect and appears to show selfish behaviour. A witch then casts a spell that makes his appearance as ugly as his soul untill he can find someone who loves him for th (More)
Beastly, a movie about a student named Kyle Kingston who is cursed which makes the Ugliness of his soul reflect on his appearance. To redeem himself he must find someone To love him. In order to do this however he must undergo a series of steps or (More)
Beastly; Achieving Redemption
The road to redemption is evidently a challenging one; a journey of ups and downs. For the character of Kyle Kingston, this process is no different. His perspective on the world is shallow and all about aesthetics. For him it\'s not about a person\'s (More)
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