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First thoughts
I\'m now embracing a new world - one where I\'ll think about my learning, my students learning. This is where I work. (More)
The Illustrated Man
In English this term as a part of our assessment we are focusing on the short stories of Ray Bradbury and in particular the series of short stories known as The Illustrated Man. In class yesterday we tried to further our understanding of Bradbury’s p (More)
The Beginning of an Exciting Term!
Yesterday was a jam-packed day with the Year 10 students looking very grown up with their senior uniforms. They were introduced to the blogging platform and the new mentoring initiative. Once again, they are the guinea pigs! Judging by the success of (More)
Out of the brain and onto the page
I've been using computers to make things since sometime in 1994. 18 years on, and I still have trouble getting ideas out of my head and onto the page. The 'page' could be all kinds of things; a blog post like this, a design in Photoshop or a sketch o (More)
Getting the Ball Rolling
It's a classic Sydney spring Monday morning which marks the day that we start the blogging snowball roll (More)
Music Composition Game Plan
Yesterday in class we received our assessment task notification for a group composition. It's due in about 2 months, so I thought I'd take some time to reflect on and plan my strategy on how best to handle this task. Bringing ideas to the table (More)
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