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Yr10 term 4 English. \'What a journey\'
This term for English was a very informative term about reality television. The task we were given by Ms Harris was to create a reality television show and expose that reality TV isn\'t all its cracked up to be. First we started with investigating wh (More)
\'Go back to where you came from\' -Geography
What scenes of the program affected you the most ( i.e were thought provoking, shocking, moving, challenging. etc) The scenes of the program that affected me the most was when all of the participants of the experiment were giving there views of th (More)
Making moral decisions in contemporary society
There are many arguments for and against abortion. A few issues that pose a dilemma include the right of woman on her own body versus the assumed rights of an unborn human.This is a very relevant argument in the case of a woman who has been raped and (More)
Blog 5: Moral Responsibility
 “Do to others as you would have them do to you” Matthew 7:12. This quote embodies our human value: to treat others in the way you would like to be treated. Challenging one to perceive their lives as well as equally to the way that they treat others (More)
Moral responsibility
\'\'Do to others as you would have them do to you\'\' - Matthew 7:12 If your car broke down would you want someone to help you? If you lost your phone would you want someone to return it? \'\'Do to others as you would have them do to you\'\' This qu (More)
Blog 4: Beastly
The character of Kyle Kingson is one who treats many of his surrounding peers in a discriminative matter due to their appearance thinking that he is more handsome and superior to them. He becomes cursed by another student which changes his physical a (More)
Blog 3: Sin
The concept of sin -  (More)
Blog 1: Jewish Museum
Discuss the issue of balancing loyalty and authority with personal moral responsibility. In every day society we are faced with the double standard of which authority and loyalty overpowers personal moral responsibility. Loyalty is being faithful (More)
Blog 2: Bullying in the eyes of others
“Bus Monitor Bullied” An incident or an act of cruelty? The recording of Karen Klein, a bus monitor bullied for her appearance by a bunch of middle school kids is one of disgust. It is hard to understand how teenagers are capable of such acts o (More)
\'Beastly\' The movie
Being the popular kid , thinking only about yourself and putting others down calling them names that make them feel like a freak isnt the person you want to be. Kyle Kingston a boy running for school president at his school having slogans that make p (More)
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