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Rock Climbing Excursion
I conquered my fear of heights. I achieved my goal of climbing to the top of the rock wall. Although the height of the wall was condescending to me. This was a challenge as it was difficult to reach up to some of the rocks and to manage to pull my (More)
Rock climbing
Before today, I had never even touched a rock climbing wall let alone physically climbed one. Due to my fear of heights and my worrisome nature I found it difficult to bring myself to climb the big walls, the ones that required a harness. In the end, (More)
Rock Climbing
On Tuesday 15th October 2014, we went to the Villawood Rock Climbing Centre! I am not afraid of heights so rock climbing wasn’t a challenge for me. Confined spaces aren’t my favourite thing  so I didn’t go into the crawling caves and lucky enough b (More)
Sydney Indoor Rock Climbing Centre
Today (15/10/2014) we had an excursion to the Sydney Indoor Rock Climbing Centre. When we first got there we were shown how to put a harness on and then before we were aloud to go do our own thing we all had to have a go at belaying each other. After (More)
Rock Climbing
On the 14th of October this year, my homeroom and other homerooms from my year all went rock climbing at the Villawood Indoor Climbing Gym. The place was massive. There were dozens of rock walls to climb, each with varying difficulty. After attempts (More)
Rock Climbing Experience
Rock climbing was great! It allowed me to push myself and promoted group and team work in order to complete the challenges. I didn\'t think I would would be able to climb some of the walls or complete some of the other activities. Having my friends t (More)
Overcoming Challenges and Facing Fears
Overcoming fears and challenges is something that I strive to do, although I often find it very difficult. When I do overcome these challenges however, I feel like I can achieve anything, and this really inspires me to push further to see what more I (More)
Vaughan, Delaney, O\'Conner and Caulfield all went rock climbing while the rest of the grade went to the Sydney Jewish Museum which we are going to (More)
Rock climbing experience
Half of the form went to Sydney rock climbing, which was to see how we work as a team and how we push your limits as an individual. First we all got our harnesses and were taught how to belay and climb safely. We then paired up and started to conquer (More)
Get over it
Rock climbing. Something someone came up with to torture those who have a fear of heights. I seriously believe that is the only reason that rock climbing became a recreational activity that is deemed enjoyable. Unless you cannot tell i am one of t (More)
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