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Rock Climbing
On the 14th of October 2014 homerooms Vaughan, Delaney, O\' Connor and Caulfield to the Sydney Rock Climbing Center. This was the second time I have gone rock climbing. There was many different climbing activities that could be completed. Some were m (More)
Rock Climbing Experience
Visiting the Sydney Rock Climbing Gym was an interesting experience. It was definitely a challenging experience. Although there were many easy hurdles to overcome, several of the walls, were very difficult to climb. Despite all this, I can safely say (More)
Climbing out of my comfort zone
Today Vaughan, O\'Conner, Caufield and Delaney went Rock Climbing. Rock climbing is a challenging activity because it is putting you out of your comfort zone. Rock climbing today was challenging for me because it was putting me outside of my comfort (More)
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