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An eye opening experience is what you can call a visit to The Sydney Jewish Museum. On Monday Dr O\'Shea gave us a small introduction to the H (More)
Whats unacceptable about the students behavior is the fact that they were abusing another person is disgusting. It’s not even the fact t (More)
Fluoridation Poem
Hello there! Here\'s this epic poem we wrote in Science, it\'s extremely interesting.. and very witty (that\'s sarcasm by the way). Fluoride is an element, that does not leave any sediment, it’s used in toothpaste, to clean your tooth waste, (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
...was underwhelming. The museum was extremely informative and very interesting, but it wasn\'t as much as it was hyped up to be. Numerous teachers had told us about how depressing it would be, that most of us may have to fight back tears... But I (More)
Blogging... Rhymes with Flogging
Hello there, Year 10 exams were terrible. We had two assignments due during the last week of our exam block, as a result I could only study for each test the night before. The rest of my time was spent completing those two assignments and trying t (More)
PDHPE - Lesson 4
Each lesson in PE I have been recording my process on writing with my left hand. I have recorded 4 lessons. Here is a photo after the four lessons  of practacing  my skill. More)
Science - PLB
It is near the end of the project and we have been working really well as a group! Even though sometimes we did not work productively. We have prepared a series of worlsheets and an experiment for the year sevens we will be working with next week. I  (More)
The Illustrated Man
In English this term as a part of our assessment we are focusing on the short stories of Ray Bradbury and in particular the series of short stories known as The Illustrated Man. In class yesterday we tried to further our understanding of Bradbury’s p (More)
The Illustrated Man
In English this term we are focusing on Ray Bradbury's Illustrated man. Yesterday we specifically focused on The Veld. This is about a virtual universe where children can go to re-create their ideal universe. In this time their parent are worried tha (More)
Teaching Primary Science
In Science this term we are working on a project. Mine is teaching primary science. In this project we are to create a lesson plan teach a year of our choice. We have to choose an experiment, get the resorces, make sure that we know exactly what we a (More)
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