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Science - PLB
It is near the end of the project and we have been working really well as a group! Even though sometimes we did not work productively. We have prepared a series of worlsheets and an experiment for the year sevens we will be working with next week. I  (More)
Science Progress & Importance of Enjoyment
I am in a good mood with the science project. Yesterday, in period six, I wrote two pages of notes. Incredibly proud! I'm not sure what happened, I just sat down and got to it. I think it's because I'm investigating something that I am interested in (More)
Science Project
At the moment in Science we are working on a project in groups, In my group there is Anthony, Halim, Josh and myself. Our topic is to work on a commercial based on a Health issue. We are raising awareness on obesity. This should be a good experience (More)
The Sound of the Space Shuttle
This is a great video from the perspective of a rocket booster on a space shuttle as it launches. What makes it really interesting is that it's available in HD and the sound has been remastered by Skywalker Sound! Make sure you watch this with headph (More)
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