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Today is the first day of term 4 for year 10s. It is also the first day within senior uniform. I feel uncomfortable with the senior uniform but I am excited because I feel like I became more mature. However I don't like this term since I am visiting  (More)
My first post! :')
What would I like to gain from all this transition stuff? From this transition business, I hope to become ready and well-suited to the challenges I will inevitably be faced with in the ever nearing future. Qualities I hope to gain include: - th (More)
Something about nothing
I don’t consider myself to be a very good writer so the idea of writing things to share with the world is quite scary. I am not really sure what we are meant to write about so this is a post about nothing at all! Today I started term 4 as a "senior”. (More)
First impression
Senior school seems to be so different from what I originally thought it to be, the school day is already so much different from our recgular schedule. Wearing the new uniform also adds onto the pressure of responsibility we have to now face at schoo (More)
First Post!
Hi everyone and welcome to my blog 🙂 This is my first official post, yay! I'm excited to start this journal and I am keen to express my personal thoughts and to share how I feel with my peers. Today is the official beginning of my senior schoolin (More)
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