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Concept of Sin
Wordle on Sin : Religion
\'Beastly\' Process To Redeem
Unfortunately during the viewing of the movie Beastly i was unable to watch it as i was away from school. Through research i found that the moral/ outline of the movies involves a student named Kyle Kingson who is portrayed as a selfish and up himsel (More)
In class last week, we had the opportunity to watch the film \'Beastly\' a story about a popular and good looking guy named Kyle who is really mean to all people around him who are not as good looking & he thinks he is the most superior. He is es (More)
Sin Wordle
Concept of sin
The film "Beastly" explored the concepts of sin and vanity. Kyle Kingson was self-obsessed and never thought about other people's interests or wellbeing. The curse allowed Kyle to slowly realise, though by force, to see differently and direct his sel (More)
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