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My new skill update
Handwriting practice 2 I think my left hand is getting better because of the practice I'm doing, which is just rewriting the alphabet as many times (More)
PDHPE Session 2
PDHPE - Where are we now?
Well, unfortunately we didn't make anymore video logs past Session 2. It's quite sad, actually. You see, Levi and I had grand plans. We were talking 25m hits, wall shots etc. Yet, all we can do now is hit straight for 12.5m or chip a ball in to a bin (More)
PDHPE Session 1
PDHPE Skill - Initial Idea
What is a new skill that I can develop? Accurate passing skills (for soccer). Who uses this skill? Soccer players, although I’m sure it would come in handy in a variety of sports. Where can I find information about the type of skill it is? T (More)
PDHPE - Lesson 4
Each lesson in PE I have been recording my process on writing with my left hand. I have recorded 4 lessons. Here is a photo after the four lessons  of practacing  my skill. More)
Flower Arranging Complete!
I finished my flower arranging this afternoon! The video is incredibly unflattering, but what can you do... I also ran out of space on my memory card half-way through, so I had to just take photos of the final product. I have just realised that t (More)
Flower Arranging - it's almost time!
Yesterday was pay day, which means I can finally buy some flowers and get this done! I'm thinking about doing two arrangements: one with fresh flowers from the supermarket (flowers are expensive, don't judge!) and another using artificial flowers. I' (More)
PDHPE - Lesson 1
Since the last PE lesson, I have improved a little on writing with my left hand. I have tried to write my name, a phrase and the alphabet. Here is a photo: More)
Trying to pick a new skill to learn is really challenging. I don't really see myself as someone who possesses a multitude of skills that come naturally, so having the opportunity to learn a new one is definitely something, but also a little unnerving (More)
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