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Rock Climbing
On October 15, our half of the year 10 cohort went to the the Villawood Rock climbing gymnasium to practice our team work and climbing skills. We arrived late as the driver took or seemed to miss the exit and went around the whole world before gettin (More)
New Skill
A new skill I wish to learn and achieve is to be able to kick a soccer ball with both feet as i believe this is a very beneficial skill to have when it come to playing sport and also doing any type of physical activity which involves both feet. This (More)
Skill Development
The new skill I am going to develop is parkour. People who know parkour and who are interested in the sport. I can find information about the type of skill from the internet and youtube videos. I will schedule my practice on the weekend with (More)
Welcome to my Blog
Hey everyone my name is Harry Tsavalas and welcome to my blog. I am a 15 year old high school student of a Greek background and have many interests such as sport, music, games etc. I have a passion for soccer and rugby leaugue; I support the Cante (More)
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