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Loyalty Vs Authority
\"The Nazis, who came to power in Germany in January 1933, believed that Germans were racially superior and that the Jews, deemed inferior, were an alien threat to the so-called German racial community.\"Due to this marks one of the most unique event (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
Today the year 10 homerooms Vaughan, Caulfield, O\' Connor, Delaney went to the Sydney Jewish Museum to start us off on our new religion topic, Personal Moral Responsibility. This experience was very worth the day, it showed that I am lucky to be bor (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
Today the 15th of October, Vaughan, O\'Conner, Caufield, Delaney went to the Sydney Jewish Museum. It was tough going there and seeing what the Jews went through. How they killed and that they were killed because the German\'s didn\'t want them. It w (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
The trip to the Sydney Jewish Museum was a bit of a disappointment. It was a lot of talking and standing around, there were no interactive elements. I was hoping for a wider insight into the devastation. Morbid, yes, but how are we supposed to fully (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
Despite the fact that the excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum was a few weeks ago, I'll attempt to give a brief recount. I've always been fascinated with war history, but always struggled with the death of the Jews. I'm someone who has always been (More)
Sydney Jewish Museum
The Sydney Jewish Museum was a great experience, There was alot I learnt about the holocaust , and also Eddy (the Holocaust Survivor) Amended my previous knowledge of the Holocaust . Out of the whole day I liked hearing what Eddy had to say, It was i (More)
Holocaust- A Survivors Story
Before we visited the Sydney Jewish Museum I didn't know that much about the Holocaust, what i did know was that it involved the Germans and Jews and was led by a man called Hitler. These Jews were taken to concentration camps where they were treated (More)
Jarrod Reflects: Sydney Jewish Museum 19.10.12
The Sydney Jewish Museum was really intese. There are no words to fully encapsulate the whole experience that we had on friday. I already had some sort of idea of what we would see and here through conversations with my older brother, but nothing pre (More)
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