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Mirror Image
2014 is one year of the many that have seen the occurrences of the technological revolution in our society. In a very short time of approx. 10 years we have gone from listening to radios and watching videos on VCR\'s to having I phones, laptops, Wi-F (More)
IST Blog Work - Thus Far
IST Blog Questions Define the term “intelligence” and list at least three abilities that you believe may indicate intelligence in a living being. (4 marks) Intelligence is a general term used to describe functions associated with the brain. (More)
The Veldt and connection to the 1950s
For English we are studying "The Veldt" written by Ray Bradbury in 1952. The Veldt is about 3 children killing their parents by locking them in a safari. The Veldt contians many references to technology in the future. The message that Ray is trying t (More)
After completing some preliminary work on science fiction through the late 20th century, it actually amuses me to realise how it's only been within the last two decades or so that societal changes have become obvious. A lot of the shows aired in the (More)
Living in the 50s.... um no thanks
So, in class we've viewed prezi's and power-points on the topic of how life would be in the 1950s. With all the information that was given to us and the question being, what would it be like being teleported back to the 1950s, I have come to the conc (More)
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