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\"Bus Monitor Bullied\" YouTube clip
Students were on a school bus bullying a grandmother that worked on it. The students were calling her fat and ugly. There was lack of respect for the elderly, language in general, actions (touching her, threatening her and getting into her personal s (More)
\'Beastly\' - Film
The film \'Beastly\' looks at a student who does not respect his classmates. He is cursed by another student\'s spell which makes his physical appearance reflect the ugliness of his soul. To redeem himself he must find someone to love him for his goo (More)
In class last week, we had the opportunity to watch the film \'Beastly\' a story about a popular and good looking guy named Kyle who is really mean to all people around him who are not as good looking & he thinks he is the most superior. He is es (More)
Beastly Review (Spoilers!)
The movie Beastly is a modern day take on beauty and the beast because the movie in a nutshell is a movie about a guy who has been cursed because he was being an asshole to creepy looking lady. The creepy looking lady puts a curse on the guy and make (More)
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