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\"Bus Monitor Bullied\" - (YouTube Clip)
In my current generation, more and more teenagers and young adults are going through different issues as they grow older. Some of the problems being faced include cyber-bullying, teen violence, physical/verbal bullying, teen suicide/self-harm and pre (More)
Bus Monitored Bullied
In the incident in the video \'Bus Monitored Bullied\' it includes young teens that were abusing an elderly woman by calling her far and commenting about how she was sweating and stank. The by-standers role was used in the way of taking no responsibi (More)
Values and Morals - Bus Monitor Bullied
Some kids are real jerks... and the kids that bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein are just pathetic. I think that the fact an elderly lady like Karen Klein even bothered volunteering for something like bus monitor is a very courageous thing. These studen (More)
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