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The Sydney Jewish Museum
On Wednesday the 15th of October, half of Yr 10 visited the Sydney Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst. Our focus of the excursion was to learn about the Holocaust. It was a very somber visit, as well as being quite factual and educational. The serious, (More)
My Experience- The Sydney Jewish Museum
Visiting the Sydney Jewish museum was a confronting experience. Throughout the museum there was photos and documents that captured the horrific scene of the holocaust. Whilst being guided around the museum I began to see how the Jewish people were tr (More)
Visit to the Sydney Jewish Museum
Visiting the Sydney Jewish Museum was an interesting experience. The museum is full of items, photographs and documentaries that capture the horrific events that led and pertained to the holocaust, particularly from the perspective of the biggest vic (More)
I shook hands with history.
On Friday, the 19th of October, our school took a trip down to the Sydney Jewish Museum as part of our transition week stuff. On the bus ride there, Caley and I watched the classic Shawshank Redemption. Bloody brilliant, but we'll save that for a dif (More)
Rosebank College just had a transition week for all of the year 10 students that are now technically moving on the year 11. Transition week consisted of many activities that were fun and boring. Some fun activities were: - The sex talk with (More)
Jarrod Reflects: Sydney Jewish Museum 19.10.12
The Sydney Jewish Museum was really intese. There are no words to fully encapsulate the whole experience that we had on friday. I already had some sort of idea of what we would see and here through conversations with my older brother, but nothing pre (More)
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