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~ Moral Responsibility ~
\"Do to others as you would have them do to you.\" - Matthew 7:12 \"Never see a need without doing something about it.\" - St. Mary Mackillop 1. Explain what the two quotations are challenging you to do or be. They are telling me to treat othe (More)
In the film beastly, Kyle tries to get rid of the curse by finding someone to love him. This all starts off by seeing this one girl named Lindy, her and her dad are in a bit of a tiffy with the landlord. The landlord pulls out a gun and threatens to (More)
Information Fluency
SNAZZY POEM Fluoride, invented to prevent tooth decay we’re hoping it’s here to stay fluoride, found in the Earth’s crust it’s something we should trust don’t let it turn to rust. Fluoride is good for you and me Keeps your (More)
We are living in a time of evolution, transformation and discovery. We are provided with digital wonders and we will be the creators of a world we never could have imagined. Change is constant and to comprehend, what you see may be replaced by tomorr (More)
Transition Week - Day One (15.10.12): Reflection, Activities and Goals
I found today quite boring and uneventful, just like all beginnings to terms. I felt that the beginning of the day was a bit unorganised and no one really had a clue what was happening and people were not sure whether or not we had classes or not (More)
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